Grab a FREE Cataegis : The White Wind Steam key

Grab a FREE Cataegis : The White Wind Steam key in a Saturday promo by Indie Gala!

About the game:

Welcome to Cataegis – The White Wind: Ziggurat Chapter, a frantic 2D arcade action retro-style game that pays homage to the glory days of 8-bit side scrolling gaming.

Playing as Cataegis, enforcer for the ‘Order of Caeliger’, take on the self-proclaimed deity ‘Ishtar’ and her followers in war for the future of Earth. With a combination of agile movements and an arsenal of weapons at your disposal (including double jumps, sliding and dual wielding weapons), face your foes toe to toe and battle your way to victory!


“[Acido] Cinza seems to have taken from the fluid and frantic motions of anime to make the game fast-paced and exciting.” Siliconera

“Cataegis has proven to be great so far too, what with its clever set-pieces, lovely cinematics, old fashioned soundtrack, fantastic boss battles, attention to detail and relentless action.” IndieGames

“In a sea of indie retro homages, Cataegis The White Wind is one I highly recommend. It’s a damn fun action throwback with some stylish pixel art anime visuals, and very enjoyable boss battles. […] For a kickass 2D experience, the Ziggurat is where it’s at.” GamesNosh

How to get Cataegis : The White Wind Steam key for free: 

Go to Indie Gala, scroll a bit up and you’ll see the banner (close the overlay by pressing x if you can’t see it), then login and follow the instructions by Indie Gala.

The game has positive reviews on Steam. Enjoy playing!


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