Grab a FREE Trolley Gold Steam key

Grab a FREE Trolley Gold Steam key in yet another Indie Gala giveaway – a part of their Die Young promotion so you might as well check it out!

Trolley Gold

About Trolley Gold:

In this game you have to get into the role of gold miners team. You control the two crew members who using uncomplicated mechanism drive the trolley. You need to catch the gold nuggets, which another friend of yours produces. Trolley Gold Steam Page.

Features of the game:
-5 original colorfully drawn locations;
-Original enemies and obstacles throughout the game;
-System of assessment of passing the level;
-Realistic physics in the 2d world;
-Fascinating and original gameplay;
-Historical facts as the game progresses.

To grab your free Steam key, head over to Indie Gala, locate the giveaway banner and login. Enjoy playing! EDIT: This giveaway is over!

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