Groupees: Build a Greenlight Bundle #19

Build a Greenlight Bundle by Groupees is back in its 19th edition. Here are the standouts:

The goal of Go Home is to get home without dying. Sounds simple, if there wouldnt be a veriety of enemies and traps, which will make it difficult for you to reach your home before the time runs out.

No Turning Back is a retro pixel art game with modern roguelike elements, everytime you play it’s an entirely new experience, the way npc’s treat you, the level layout, items you find, your class, everything is completely random so no two playthroughs will be the same.

Stoorm is a skill arcade game. Although the reflex is your main asset to overcome all puzzle/levels, you will sometimes need to take back your breath, and a minimal analyze of the map, to escape without dying too often.

Dungeon Warfare is a hybrid tower defense strategy game where you use more than 20 different kinds of deadly traps and contraptions to defend your dungeon against greedy adventurers!

Plus many more. Check out the full list!

Build a Greenlight Bundle out of these games:

  • Go Home
  • East Tower Akio
  • No Turning Back
  • SuperLink
  • Unium
  • Zombie Zoid
  • Stoorm
  • Dungeon Warfare
  • oO

Build a Greenlight Bundle over at Groupees!

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