Groupees Goodbye Greenlight Bundle

An end of an era – Groupees Goodbye Greenlight Bundle is the very last Greenlight bundle since Greenlight is getting replaced by Steam Direct, a controversial new system where you’re required to pay a certain amount of money to guarantee your game ends up in a Steam store. This new system is also supposedly filtering out “bad” games and showcasing better and more popular games in the store, but even getting your game listed in the Steam store, good or bad, will cost developers up to $5000 per game.

Groupees Goodbye Greenlight Bundle

Groupees Goodbye Greenlight Bundle collects 3 Steam games; Turbo Pug, Super Mega Neo Pug and Turbo Pug DX – plus the last batch of Greenlight games (13 of them), including The Hearth of the Earth, Cave In, The Winters Curse, Space Scumbags and loads more. The whole bundle will cost you $2, but you can always pay more.

Check out the whole selection and say goodbye to Greenlight over at Groupees

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