Indie Gala Hump Day Bundle 8

Indie Gala Hump Day Bundle 8 – 12 Steam games for $1 minimum, $2.89 for the full bundle!

Pay at least $1 to get:

  • Realm of Perpetual Guilds
  • Butsbal
  • Eron

Pay $2.89 to also get:

  • Dungeon Crawlers HD
  • Angels of Fasaria RPG + MMORPG
  • Vintage Year
  • Ballpoint Universe
  • Intergalactic Bubbles
  • Spandex Force
  • Agapan
  • Musclecar Online
  • Man Alive Game

If you buy this bundle during the first day, you’ll get it for the prices written here. After that it gets a bit more expensive but still a good deal!

Get this bundle full of steam goodies over at Indie Gala

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