All The Free Games You Can Grab Right Now (Oct 28 2022)

There are many free games for PC available right now, ranging from Epic’s weekly freebies to freebies on Steam, GOG sale giveaways, and more. However, keeping track of them all may be difficult, and you may be missing out on some great opportunities.

Weekly free game highlights include Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus and Saturnalia on Epic Games, Genesis Alpha One on GOG and more free game deals on Steam!

Let’s see what games you can download for free this week:

All The Free Games You Can Grab Right Now (Oct 28nd 2022)

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What’s free on Steam this week:


Most free games on Steam are either bad or are designed to drain you with microtransactions, luckily there are a couple PC games that recently launched on Steam as free and are actually pretty good. Check them out:

  • Yerr Out – a wacky & competitive baseball game! Choose from 30+ different animals to assemble your team, each with different attributes. Crush hits into the gap, throw nasty curveballs, make diving plays in the outfield, and bust out slides to breakup close plays.
  • Fantasia Medieval – a short Visual-Novel, made with Artificial-Inteligence art, about a party of adventurers on a medieval setting.
  • Derp Souls – OK, this game is completely stupid but it’s worth checking out just for a laugh. JUST LIKE DARK SOULS EXCEPT DARKER and with a carrot. FLAILING and FLATULENCE awaits you on your legendary derpy journey. HUMP N PUMP

What’s free at Epic Games Store this week?

free games october 3

Epic Games Store is giving away two free PC games this week:

  • The renowned Games Workshop-licensed XCOM clone Warhammer 40k Mechanicus will be free to download at Epic Games Store starting this Thursday, October 27th and will be available for a week.
  • Saturnalia is a survival horror adventure in which you play as a cast of characters exploring an isolated town of old rituals whose labyrinthine streets will shift each time you lose all of your characters. Get it for free at this link before Nov 3rd.

All The Free Games You Can Grab Right Now (Oct 28nd 2022)

NEXT WEEK at Epic you can get Filament and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

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Any other new DRM-free free game deals?

Free PC Game: Genesis Alpha One is free at GOG until Oct 30th

For a limited time (until October 30th 3 PM CET) you can get Genesis Alpha One for free at GOG! All you need to do to claim this free game deal is to head over to GOG, scroll a bit down and find the giveaway banner to add the game to your account

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is now FREE on GOG

If you missed it in last weeks update, grab the latest addition to GOG’s list of free games – Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, now free on both GOG and Steam! Read all about it here.

Indie Gala is offering 3 free PC games for free at this moment. All of the following come as DRM-free downloads:

Currently there’s just two freebies to download at
  • Beside Myself – might be removed any minute so grab it fast.
  • Life After Death – another horror game which will be free for a very short time.

Got Amazon Prime?

During the month of October 2022, get Fallout 76: The Pitt, Middle-earth: Shadow of War and Total War: Warhammer II. Plus, more games! 

If you don’t have Amazon Prime you can still get the games by using a trial account. More about that in this post.

One more freebie at Amazon Prime for this month is the Flames of the Nether DLC for Minecraft Dungeons. Get it at this link. Available until November 9th.

Top 10 Weird Free Adventure Games on Steam

Curated lists of free games on IndieGameBundles:

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To see what was free in the previous weeks, check out the “weekly update” tag.

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