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Review : King Of Dragon Pass

King of Dragon Pass is a text-heavy clan-management simulation rife with politics, intrigue, and complex decisions. If you enjoy a good story with superb writing, you are sure to have a blast with King of Dragon Pass. Developed by A#. Distributed by HeroCraft. Review by Brandon Dayton.

New Release : Dark Storm – VR Missions

Dark Storm : Ascension is a stealth-action game which was planned by Fenrir Studios but regrettably failed on kickstarter. Not a developer to be deterred, Fenrir is determined to prove commitment to the project by releasing a mini-version of Dark Storm : Ascension in the form of Dark Storm : VR Missions. Quick Look by Brandon Dayton.

Review : RymdResa

A minimalist space-exploration game about the sun burning out, and humanity's attempts to survive in space told through poetry. If you like space, RymdResa will easily keep you occupied for hours. Developed by Morgondag, review by Brandon Dayton.

Review : Absolute Drift

Dayton sits down to review Absolute Drift. Fantastic soundtrack and minimalist aesthetic shines in a game where your only goal is to slide stylishly. It is a bit of a one-trick pony, but it does that trick extremely well. If you're in the mood for a score-attack drifting game, give Absolute Drift a try. Game by Funselektor Labs, review by Brandon Dayton.

Review / Steam Key Giveaway : Zombie Playground

Comment on Dayton's video to win a chance at one of two Steam Keys! Zombie Playground is a class-based arena-shooter about kids cleansing their school of zombies. Oozes style and potential. By Stealth Studios, review by Brandon Dayton.

Review / Steam Key Giveaway : Galacide

Comment on Dayton's youtube video for a chance to win a Galacide Steam key! Fantastic action-puzzler with hints of Galaga and Bejeweled. If you enjoy puzzles and watching things go all explodey, this game could be a match made in heaven. Developed by Puny Human, review by Brandon Dayton.

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