Free PC Games Update (May 15th 2023)

All the free games in once place! In this post we’ll round up all the best AAA and indie games available for free today! This week you can grab Sherwood Extreme on Steam, Sims 4 + DLC at Epic Games Store, plus many more free PC games!

Check out the updated list of free PC games for this week:

Free PC Games Update (May 15th 2023)

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Our pick of new free games on Steam this week:

Most free games on Steam are either bad or are designed to drain you with microtransactions, luckily there are a couple PC games that recently launched on Steam as free and actually look pretty fun. Check them out:

  • The Ramsey – a 2D platformer that allows you to play as cute squirrel characters solving puzzles using various weapons. Explore maze-like islands and overcome difficult obstacles with the strongest squirrels in the universe. Free Demo.
  • Lennod Jump Game – A new and innovative retro jump game with simple gameplay to soothe the heart.
  • Earth Rising – you are in the role of a robot that has a mission to put into space as many CubeSat satellites as you can so you can find different resources for future space flight development.

List of free PC games on Steam this week:

Get Sherwood Extreme Free on Steam While You Can

Sherwood Extreme, a Third-Person Shooter game on Steam will soon go from free to costing $15 so get it for free while you can!

Race to the finish through beautiful low-poly environments. Zip, swing, and soar through the air in slow-motion to rack up combos with all the 360 no-scopes and parkour action medieval times were known for. Grab Sherwood Extreme for free here.

Get a Free Hotshot Racing Steam Key at Fanatical

To celebrate Fanatical’s May Madness sale, grab a free Steam key for Hotshot Racing! Simply subscribe to the email newsletter and link a valid Steam account to pick up your free Steam game.

  • World of Tanks — Space Gift Pack is also available free on Steam until May 21st.

What’s free at Epic Games Store this week?

sims 4 bundle

Epic Games Store is giving away one free PC DLC this week:

  • Enrich your virtual family with this free SIMS 4 DLC bundle containing The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Game Pack, The Sims 4 Luxury Party Stuff Pack, and The Sims 4 Fashion Street Kit. Grab this PC game for free at Epic Games until May 18th 2023.

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Any other DRM-free free game deals?

  • Still free – Immortal Darkness: Curse of the Pale King is a dark fantasy dungeon crawler, that blends the best of old school dungeon crawlers with modern graphics, slick combat, and context driven audio. More about it at this post. Grab the game at this page for a limited time.
Get HotFloor for Free on IndieGala

Indie Gala is offering 3 free PC games for free at this moment. All Indie Gala free games are DRM-free downloads for PC (and sometimes Mac and Linux):

No free game promos on GOG this week but check out this ever-growing list of 50+ free games available at Good Old Games.

This week on Itch you can get 1 free game:

Get 3 FREE Coding Online Courses

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Courses Offered in this free bundle:

  • 1 Hour CSS (Sheet-Style Language)
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Free Games With Amazon Prime for May 2023:

amazon star wars free games

List of free games coming in batches every Thursday during May 2023:

May 4th

  • Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D – Save the Rebel Alliance from imperial onslaught in this thrilling flight simulation game where players take on the role of Luke Skywalker and assemble their Rogue Squadron team to fly into battle, engage in intense, fast-paced space and planetary missions to continue the fight for freedom.
  • Super Sidekicks – Dribble, pass and use a variety of techniques to compete against the best teams from around the world as players battle for the SNK Cup.
  • Samurai Shodown IV – Test your samurai skills using powerful attacks to wage intense battles and defeat Amakusa before he conquers the modern world.

May 11th

  • Planescape Torment: Enhanced Edition – Explore the planes, survive dangerous combat scenarios and solve mysterious puzzles in this story-rich, tactical role playing game set in the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse.
  • Lake – Take on the role of Meredith Weiss and take a break from the big city to decide how you want to experience the beautiful Providence Oaks, featuring its iconic lake and scenery.
  • Robo Army – Take on high-powered collisions in this beat ‘em up title as players crush and destroy their enemies to restore peace from the robot corps known as Hell Jeed.
  • Last Resort – Save humanity’s first hotel on Mars by taking down hordes of aliens in this small co-op shooter game.

May 18th

  • Kardboard Kings – Own the best card shop in town by earning a reputation with customers, beating your shop goals, unlocking new decorations and more!
  • The Almost Gone – Unlock intricate dioramas to experience the plethora of connections of your life in this narrative puzzle game about death, loss and mental health.
  • 3 Count Bout – Become the world’s strongest wrestler by learning the moves and winning hard fought battles to take the champion’s throne for yourself.
  • Alpha Mission 2 – Recapture the universe from the seven star alliance by utilizing 11 types of various power armor in this vertical scrolling arcade game.

May 25th

  • Lila’s Sky Ark – Protect a psychedelic world from bizarre beasts and punishing bosses in this poetic mystery filled with secrets, puzzles and music.
  • Agatha Knife – Embark on a whimsically twisted adventure with Agatha, as players join her in exploring her love for eating meat and her friendships with animals.
  • King of the Monsters 2 – Become the undisputed king of the monsters as players take on earthshaking battles against a plethora of behemoths.
  • Kizuna Encounter – Engage in intense battles as players use both weapons and fists alike to win in single-round sudden death tag-team matches


  • If you are Amazon Prime member: just head over here and claim the games.
  • If you are not Amazon Prime member: You can still get these games for free with a trial account. To get all the games listed above, just subscribe to Amazon Prime (that also includes Prime Gaming, previously know as Twitch Prime) FOR FREE. After the initial free trial period (that you can cancel anytime), Amazon Prime costs from $2.99 to $12.99 per month depending on your country. If you plan to “snatch games and cancel subscription”, don’t forget to unsubscribe!
  • Read more about it here.

Top 10 best free MMORPGs you can play right now

Other curated lists of free games on IndieGameBundles:

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