Super Savings – Thursday, 5th of March

Super Savings on video games –

Thursday, 5th of March 2015


Hack and slash your way trough the cartoony Torchlight 2 on Steam, a much more light-hearted take on the Diablo gameplay which has won over many gamers! If you’ve never played an MMO, and you are mistrustful of the F2P ones, you could try The Elder Scrolls Online on Gamesrocket, it’s 60% off! For space advanturers and lovers of complicated and deep games, X3: Terran Conflict is having a sale on Gamersgate – as well as other X games! If space is not your thing and you like the sea and wind more, Sail Simulator 5 is $4.99 – so there you have it explorers!



Torchlight II –  $3.99 (80% OFF, Steam) 

The Elder Scrolls Online $17.49 (60% OFF, Gamesrocket)

X3: Terran Conflict$3.99 (75% OFF, Gamersgate)

Operation Flashpoint: Red River$2.49 (75% OFF, Gamesrepublic)

Assassin’s Creed®: Director’s Cut – $4.99 (75% OFF, Gog)

Sail Simulator 5 – $4.99  (75% OFF, Greenmangaming)

Cubetractor – $1.49 (85% OFF, Greenmangaming)

L.A. Noire – $4.00 (80% OFF, Amazon)

OlliOlli – $3.24 (75% OFF, Steam)

LUFTRAUSERS – $2.49 (75% OFF, Steam) 


This weekend, Gamersgate is throwing the X-series game sale – save big on all the X-titles!

Super Savings

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