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Review : Hard West

Hard West is a strategy shooter that won my heart within the first 10 minutes. The gameplay is in the same vein as XCOM, complete with unforgiving AI. A slew of cowboy-related items, abilities, and even some spellcasting takes an established genre to an entirely new level. Check out this dark, gritty, and unforgiving title! Developed by CreativeForge. Review by Brandon Dayton.

Review : Shiplord

Shiplord is a space-navigation game with a bit of high-score mania thrown in. Use your three skills to navigate through a progressively more difficult field of asteroids, collecting tiny white dots of a material known as quasar. The quasar is the central focus of the game, and collecting larger amounts will grant access to more upgrade points. Using these points in your three skills will make your ship better at collecting, and grants a larger margin of error. Developed by Just1337, Review by Brandon Dayton.

Review : NOCT

Noct is an atmospheric survival horror as seen from a satellite orbiting the planet, or rather the remains of it. Scavenge food, water, and weapons as you attempt to complete objectives set before your tiny survivor by a mysterious voice in the sky. Of course, not all is as it seems. There indeed be monsters. Developed by C3SK, distributed by Devolver Digital. Review by Brandon Dayton.

Review : Arson and Plunder – Unleashed

Arson and Plunder is a beat-em-up that puts you in control of a pyromancer elf named Arson, and a brutish Orc Warrior named Plunder. You can switch back and forth freely for most of the stages, and deciding which character is best for the situation is supremely satisfying. Will you hang back and try to kite the baddies with magic? Perhaps you prefer to charge in and break things with your axe? They're both the right answer. Developed by Chainsaw Syndicate, Distributed by Headup Games, Review by Brandon Dayton.

Review (& Steam Giveaway): iZBOT

iZBOT is a fantastically difficult platformer with a variety of enemies and obstacles. While you've probably played something similar before, iZBOT is exceptionally polished and surely worth a try if you can win a Steam key for free. Riiiight? Big thanks to Ruxar for supporting this giveaway, and to Daniel Stern for developing this gem. Review by Brandon Dayton.

Review : Cross of the Dutchman

Ever wanted to be a superhuman? Cross of the Dutchman is an action-adventure tale based on the true story of the folk legend Pier Donia. Big Pier as he was called, was 7 feet tall and strong enough to bend a coin between his thumb and forefinger. Who needs the Hulk? Does the game hold up? Click here and find out. Developed by Triangle Studios, review by Brandon Dayton.

Review : King Of Dragon Pass

King of Dragon Pass is a text-heavy clan-management simulation rife with politics, intrigue, and complex decisions. If you enjoy a good story with superb writing, you are sure to have a blast with King of Dragon Pass. Developed by A#. Distributed by HeroCraft. Review by Brandon Dayton.

Review : Absolute Drift

Dayton sits down to review Absolute Drift. Fantastic soundtrack and minimalist aesthetic shines in a game where your only goal is to slide stylishly. It is a bit of a one-trick pony, but it does that trick extremely well. If you're in the mood for a score-attack drifting game, give Absolute Drift a try. Game by Funselektor Labs, review by Brandon Dayton.