Free Steam Key: Terra Lander

Grab a free Steam key for Terra Lander in this promotion from IndieGala! Terra Lander is a homage to the classic early days of arcade retro, we hope you enjoy!

Free Game: Matchmaker – Deserted Bride

Step in and grab a free key for Matchmaker- Curse of the Deserted Bride. This is not a chance to win... It's a legitimate DRM-free key giveaway! ;D Only at FailMid.

Free: Learn To Code With Android

Completely Free 23-Hour Training from IGB Deals! Want to start developing games for Android? In just a few hours, you’ll develop a real life game with this step-by-step video course!

Steam Key Giveaway: Street Racing Syndicate

Get your free Steam key from IndieGala. The raw, high-stakes world of illegal street racing comes to life in Street Racing Syndicate. Trick out over 40 authentic licensed cars with parts from over 15 real-world manufacturers, then turn your customized ride loose on the streets of 3 cities across the USA.

Free Steam Key: Planetary Annihilation

Grab Planetary Annihilation free from BundleStars for a limited time. Colonize solar systems, annihilate homeworlds, and exterminate your foes in epic interplanetary battles with multiple players and thousands of units.

Free Steam Key: Nyctophobia

Nyctophobia is now free on FailMid! You are stranded in desolate Lakeview Woods, plunged into darkness. As you move across unfamiliar terrain your flashlight battery drains with each passing second.

Neon Chrome Beta Invites

A number of people will be invite to experience the Neon Chrome beta. The people selected will be able test the game before the release, so sign up for the mailing list if you’d like to apply.

Free Steam Key: Tales of the Orient

Travel to the Edo period in Japan and help Satsu and Miyamoto in an epic adventure to preserve ancient Japan. Prove your skills in Challenge mode with limited moves. A match three game with a twist.

Free Steam Key : Timberman

It's time for another IndieGala free steam key! This time it's the tree hugger game "Timberman" - a game with 96% (!!!) positive reviews on Steam. There will be no nay-saying for this one. Twitchy, enjoyable, and even featuring online multiplayer!

Free Steam Game : Voxelized

Voxelized was an Early Access game with high hopes... Or a asset flip. Either way, some people did pay actual cents for this game. That is unfortunate, but their loss is your gain because you can now get Voxelized for free in the Steam store.

Free Steam Game : 16-Bit Trader

Woohoo!! Another giveaway! IndieGala is just so nice. Free Steam game weekly? Who doesn't enjoy a free key?? You'd have to be insane! Not to mention, 16-Bit Trader is halfway decent. Especially for the price 😛

Last Three Free Sega Games

Be sure to thank Sega for this fantastic giveaway. The final day of this giveaway contains Renegade Ops, Gunstar Heroes, and Viking: Battle for Asgard. It was a Happy Valentine's Day after all. Sega will love me right.

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