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It Came From Space And Ate Our Brains

Review : It Came From Space And Ate Our Brains

It Came From Space And Ate Our Brains: An arena-style shooter with a horde of aliens determined to eat your brain. Fantastic aesthetic. Enjoy this short review for the game with the long title, by Brandon Dayton.

Review : Tinertia

Tinertia is a different type of platformer. Flinging your little robot through every imaginable obstacle doesn't require pixel perfect precision, but it will certainly test your puzzle-solving and reflexes. Special thanks to Candescent Games and Section Games. Review by Brandon Dayton.

Review : Nightbanes

Brandon Dayton reviews Nightbanes, a free to play strategy card game on Steam releasing today. An army led by a vampire lord along with a largely automated combat system means that Twilight fans are sure to get their fix. Was that subtle enough? You'll probably get it later.
Trapped Dead: Lockdown

Review : Trapped Dead: Lockdown

Brandon Dayton presents weekend Double-Header reviews for two games published by Headup Games! An action-adventure romp through a zombie-filled city might seems like ground that has been covered a lot, but you I'll bet that you haven't played as an magic-wielding Exorcist in the middle of a zombocalypse.
Pixel Heroes

Review : Pixel Heroes – Byte & Magic

Brandon Dayton presents weekend Double-Header reviews for two games published by Headup Games! Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic is an RPG roguelike about three heroes set out from a tavern. Tons of great humor and randomized events make this game a quick classic.

Review : Hotline Miami 2

Brandon Dayton reviews the neon musical gore-fest that is Hotline Miami 2. Missed the preorder discount? You can get another chance at a 21% off discount courtesy of GamesRocket! Details posted after the review.

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